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Current Pennsylvania Electric Suppliers

Met ED
West Penn
Duquesne Light Company
Penn Power
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PA Electric Rates By City


About PA Electric Rates


    Compare PA Residential Electric Rates


    Welcome to PA Electric Rates residential energy online marketplace which provides you multiple energy suppliers electric rates.  PA Electric rates is a division of US Electric Rates, licensed(#A-2012-2315716) by the PA PUC(public utilities commission) to broker electricity. US electric rates research’s the alternative Energy Generation suppliers(EGS) in the deregulated utilities such as, Allegheny Power, Duquesne Power and Light, Met-Ed, PECO, PPL, Penelec, and West Penn Power, to partner with the top most reputable EGS’s.  We bring the EGS’s competitive electric rates to the residential consumer at one online marketplace.  PA electric rates provides you with competitive electric pricing versus your local utility, opportunities to reduce your energy costs through fixed rates and month to month(also known as variable) rates. All rates are listed clearly and kept up to date to provide the residential energy consumer the ease of shopping the electric rates from the available suppliers that provide pricing in their local utilities service area.  The residential suppliers rates you see displayed on PA electric rates have no hidden fees or charges, you will see the same rates at the suppliers website that are easily obtained by visiting PA electric rates. The energy suppliers you see advertised on PA electric rates provide consolidated billing, so you will still only receive one electric invoice from the local utility(EDC-electric distribution company). PA electric rates, provides the consumer the power to switch and save on their monthly and yearly energy costs. Deregulation maybe new but it is to the residential consumers benefit in managing or even reducing their cost for energy.  Trust in PA electric rates to supply you with the best possible electric rates within the local PA utilities. 

    Once you complete the Get Started form you will be on your way to deciding which energy supplier best fits your need for energy!


    Compare PA Commercial Electric Rates 


    Welcome to PA Electric Rates commercial energy marketplace.  PA electric rates is a division of US electric rates, licensed(#A-2012-2315716) by the PA PUC(Public Utilities Commission) to broker electricity. US electric rates work’s with the top alternative Energy Generation Suppliers(EGS) in the deregulated utilities in PA. The local utilities we cover are: Allegheny Power, Duquesne Power and Light, Met-Ed, PECO, Penelec, PPL, and West Penn Power.  Whether your business is small to very large, PA electric rates will work for your business to assist you in managing or even reducing your energy expenses.  There are a plethora of alternative Energy Generation Suppliers(EGS) in the deregulated utilities all claiming to be the best.  Through our expertise we have come to know who really, is the best supplier in each of the PA utilities.  Our proven expertise as brokers in the competitive marketplace will help you find the top suppliers that will best fit your need for energy.  PA electric rates will save you the time and the headache of searching for the best electric rates.  We will shop your energy through our top 12 suppliers to find you the best rate on the market, so you can efficiently manage your energy overhead. Shopping for commercial electric rates is not the same as if you were shopping for your home.  To properly find you the best rate amongst suppliers, we need to allow them to pull your historical usage and peak load contributions.  The essential information needed to achieve the best electric rate offer for your facilities.  Some local utilities require the supplier to submit a Letter of Authorization(LOA) which is a NON-BINDING document.  The LOA protects you the customer from being slammed, which, is when your electric is switched without your knowledge.  It is also lets the supplier know you have a real interest in shopping your electric with their company.  By using our services the suppliers we present your energy to for electric rate offers will not contact you. PA electric rates will be your one point of contact and we will work to achieve you the best rate offer the suppliers can offer.  Once you complete the Get Started form above you will be direct to the commercial Request for Pricing(RFP) page.   The commercial RFP form is utility specific. By filling in the appropriately titled fields correctly, will help expedite the process and minimize back and forth phone calls and emails.  We wish to make the process as quick and as easy as we possibly can, so you can continue to focus on the your business

    As a business person, we know you understand that competition drives successful businesses. PA electric rates will make the EGS’s compete for your business to find you the best electric rates on the market.


    About PA Electric Rates


    PA Electric Rates.com was created by Delaware Valley Energy Solutions, an energy solutions company that works for residential and commercial electric consumers. PA Electric Rates.com provides residential and commercial consumers an online marketplace to easily and quickly shop licensed Electric Generation Suppliers(EGS) that service their local utility. Our energy platform is connecting residential and commercial electric consumers with reputable alternative energy suppliers in a competitive energy market. PA Electric Rates.com is a leading source for licensed alternative energy suppliers in the deregulated energy markets. PA Electric Rates.com researches the reputable alternative energy suppliers to create an online marketplace that makes the customer feel comfortable in switching their energy supplier.


    Our Energy Services


    Our services include brokering Competitve Electric Rates, Contract Management, Energy Consulting which include Energy Audits and Demand Response. Energy Audits allow the consumer to retrofit their facility with more efficient lighting, HVAC, and updated Energy Management Software.

    Demand Response  is the process of reducing energy consumption at certain intervals. There are three types of demand response - emergency demand response, economic demand response and ancillary services demand response.Emergency demand response is employed to avoid involuntary service interruptions during times of supply scarcity. Economic demand response is employed to allow electricity customers to curtail their consumption when the productive or convenience of consuming that electricity is worth less to them than paying for the electricity. Ancillary services demand response consists of a number of specialty services that are needed to ensure the secure operation of the transmission grid and which have traditionally been provided by generators.

    Commercial Electric Suppliers

    AEP Energy, Bounce Energy, Champion Energy, ENCOA Energy, Energy.me, Hudson Energy, IGS Energy,

    NextEra Energy, Nordic Energy, Spark Energy, Tri-Eagle Energy, UGI Energy Services, YEP Energy


    Some recent articles about competitive electric supply in Pennsylvania


    The PA PUC reminds consumers:  Utility Prices Set to Increase



    The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) urges customers using a competitive supplier to review their contract as wholesale energy prices have been pushed higher due to cold temperatures and high demand.

    To view this press release in its entirety, select the following link:



     PUC to Accept Comments on Providing More Supplier Information on Utility Bills



     Mother Nature promising another ice and wintry mix for much of the state, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) today provided tips for those residents who may lose electrical power.

    To view this press release in its entirety, select the following link:



         Electric Demand is up due to Frigid Temperatures-PA PUC urges Consumers to Conserve Energy during Frigid Temps


         Pennsylvania: Fixed Means Fixed-- BANS All Pass Through on Fixed Contracts


          PECO Residential Rate increases by 10% September 1, 2013


           PA PUC Proposes to Require "Fixed" Rate to be All Inclusive, Proposes New "Pass-Through" Category




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    PA Electric Utilities or Electric Distribution Companies(EDC’s)


    Duquesne Power and Light
    Emergency- 888-393-7000 Emergency- 888-544-4877
    Customer Service- 412-393-7100   Customer Service- 800-545-7741
    Emergency- 888-544-4877  Emergency- 888-544-4877
    Customer Service- 800-545-7741 Customer Service- 800-545-7741
    West PennPower d/b/a Allegheny Power
    Emergency- 800-841-4141  Emergency- 888-544-4877
    Customer Service- 800-494-4000 Customer Service- 800-545-7741



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    • Using the historical usage, the Pennsylvania energy providers will send you a quote
    • There is nothing binding at this point until you choose one of the quotes and sign an agreement with the energy provider


Alternative Energy Suppliers

Linde Energy Services, Inc.
Linde Energy Services can help customers get the best electric price and save money. Fill out application to receive a power quote.
Complete Form for Quote

Delaware Valley Energy Solutions
Best Choice for Alternative Energy in PA, NJ, DE. Green Energy and energy management are only a couple of the options that seperates Delaware Valley Energy Solutions from other electricity suppliers. Work with DelVal Energy to get Cheap Electric prices

Energy Savers, Inc
Energy Savers works to save Pennsylvania electric users both time and money. Fill out the form for a quote.
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South Jersey Energy Co.
South Jersey Energy is a leading electric supplier in Pennsylvania. Apply for a quote to see if South Jersey Energy can save you money on your electric.
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PPL Energy Plus
PPL Energy Plus is can provide savings on electric to residential and commercial electricity users. Apply for a great electric price from one of the best electric suppliers in Pennsylvania.
Complete Form for Quote

Dominion Retail, Inc. (Peoples Plus)
Dominion Energy provides great electric prices and can stand behind its reputation as a leading Pennsylvania electric supplier. Let Dominion provide your the power to you.
Complete Form for Quote

Commerce Energy
Commerce Energy can save money for Pennsylvania electric users. Get the best power rates and save on energy by applying for an electric quote.
Complete Form for Quote

Affiliated Power Purchasers, Inc
Complete form for electricity quote. Save on energy prices and work with a reliable electricity supplier. Talk to Affiliated Power Purchasers about your commercial energy needs.
Complete Form for Quote

Anthracite Power & Light Company
Get residential and commercial electric quotes...fill out application for the best electricity prices. Work with one of the best electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania.
Complete Form for Quote

Shipley Energy
Shipley Energy can help customers procure electric at a great price. A trusted energy company, Shipley is poised to help its customers navigate Pennsylvania electricity deregulation and save money.
Complete Form for Quote

Worley & Obetz, Inc
Worley and Obetz helps electric users save money on their power bill. Apply for an electric quote.
Complete Form for Quote

Allegheny Energy Supply Co. LLC
Complete application for the best electric price. Get the lowest electric rate with a reliable electicity supplier. Allegheny Energy works to get you the best Pennsylvania electric price for your business energy needs.
Complete Form for Quote

Washington Gas Energy Services
Washington Gas Energy Services works to save the customer money on their electric bills. Residential and commercial electric users should apply for a quote immediately and get the best electric price in Pennsylvania.
Complete Form for Quote

Sempra Energy Solutions
Sempra Energy provides electricity to residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. Get a great electric price from Sempra to reduce your electric costs.
Get the best electric price for your home, business, or industry. Apply for a quote.

FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.
First Energy Solutions is a leading electricity provider in Pennsylvania. First Energy separates itself from other electric companies by providing options for your energy needs. Let First Energy work to get you the best rates on electric.
Complete Form for Quote

MX Energy Electric, Inc.
MX Energy is one of Pennsylvania's fastest growing electric companies. Find out how Pennsylvania electricity users are saving money with MX Energy. Apply for a power quote and save money on electricity.
Complete Form for Quote

ConEdison Solutions, Inc
ConEdison Solutions is a leading electricity supplier and works to get customers the best electric price. ConEdison is a reliable and respected electricity supplier in Pennsylvania. Work with Con Edison to get the best electric rates.
Complete Form for Quote

Energy Mangement Resources Of Missouri, Inc
Energy Mangement Resources of Missouri will help your business meet its energy budget. Complete the form for a no obligation electric quote.
Complete Form for Quote

Cheap Electric Inc.
Cheap Electric is good at one thing...getting the customer cheap electric. Get the best electric rates and price and work with a power supplier who can save your residential or commercial facility money on electric. Fill out form for electric quote.
Cheap electric is a completed form away.

Exelon Energy Company
Exelon Energy is a leading electricity supplier in Pennsylvania. Exelon offers options for residential, commercial, and industrial electric users. Apply to see if Exelon can save you money on electric.
Complete Form for Quote

GEXA Energy Pennsylvania, LLC
GEXA Energy is a leading electric supplier in Pennsylvania. Compare our electric prices to other electric companies to see why so many have chosen GEXA Energy to be their choice for cheap electric.
Complete Form for Quote

Dominion Retail, Inc. (Peoples Plus)
Dominion Energy provides great electric prices and can stand behind its reputation as a leading Pennsylvania electric supplier. Let Dominion provide your the power to you.
Fill Out Form for Reliable Electric Supply!

SUEZ Energy Resources NA, Inc
Suez Energy is one of the largest electric suppliers in the country. Commercial and Industrial customers know that Suez Energy is the best choice for electric supply in Pennsylvania.

PEPCO Energy Services, Inc. DBA PowerChoice
PEPCO Energy Services can save residential and commercial customers money on their electricity. PEPCO is one of the leading electricity suppliers in the nation and provides a variety choices to meet your electric budget.
Complete Form for Quote

Reliant Energy Solutions East, LLC
Pennsylvania electric deregulation has allowed customers to save money. Reliant Energy Solutions is a leader in electric supply who is saving residential and commercial electric customers money.
Complete Form for Quote

Community Energy, Inc.
Community Energy has built a reputation of being a dependable alternative electric supplier in Pennsylvania. Work with Community Energy to get cheap electricity prices.
Complete Form for Quote

UGI Energy Services, Inc.
UGI Energy Services is a leading supplier of energy in the mid Atlantic region. Get an electric quote for your business power needs and save money on electric in Pennsylvania.
Complete Form for Quote

Duquense Light Energy, LLC
Duquense Light has been providing power to Pennsylvania and others at great rates. See what Duquense can do to lower your electric bills. Apply now to get a rate quote and save on electric!!
Complete Form for Quote

Hess Corporation
Hess is a nationally known energy provider. Compare Hess' electricity rates to other electric suppliers and find out why Hess is the electricity choice for smart electric customers in Pennsylvania.
Complete Form for Quote

Liberty Power Holdings, LLC
Make sure you have the best electric price when given the power to choose your electric company. Liberty Power provides Pennsylvania great electric prices with the confidence of a reliable electric supplier.
Complete Form for Quote